Short bio

Hong-Nguyen (Gwen) Nguyen, sessional instructor/researcher in Curriculum and Instruction; Ph.D., Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, University of Victoria. Gwen has a BA in English linguistics and literature from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, HCMC, Vietnam, and an MA in Applied Linguistics from Saint Michael’s College, Vermont. She has been teaching English to speakers of other languages in Vietnam, the US, Japan, and Canada, especially at the tertiary level since 2004. She is interested in cultural, historical, and aesthetic discourses of poetic poetry and mindfulness in education. Currently, she is working with English language learners at the ELC, UVic and teacher candidates in the Education department at the University of Victoria in some courses related to language and literacy. She has experience with poetic inquiry and ethnography research in education having published an MA thesis on how to use a haiku approach to motivate learners to learn English literature and a series of peer-reviewed articles related to haiku and education, writing haiku as a pastime activity, and using haiku as a tool in teaching language and literacy.